Intraday Trading & Its Related Facts

Are you an intraday trader? If yes, then you must be aware of square off in intraday trading. This is a style in which most traders buy and sell a set of assets mostly stocks of a particular company. It is a rule in this that position or transaction gets reverse to earn a profit on that position.


The trading that took place on the same say is called intraday trading. Positions are taken by the traders in place at the time of market opening and positions squared off also on the same day before the closing of the market. This is the best choice to make money in trading and booking short term profits.

A rule in intraday trading:

The shares are not transferred to demat account because they get squared off before closing of the market on each intraday.

It is a rule that share or position, which are taken by the traders can be seen to trading accounts instead of demat account. It is important for shares to be squared off before the market closes, but most of the time a trader may forget then the system automatically square off the positions on behalf of them.

The shares are available for a single intraday only to the traders and therefore it is called intraday trading. The traders do not get much but lower margins and brokerage on transactions.

Execution in intraday trading

If you really want to trade in intraday trading, then it is important to select the MIS option, which s especially for intraday trading stock market orders. You can trade from any trade media ether online or offline platform. After execution-only, shares become visible in the trading account.

Margin types paid for the trading

While punching the trades, the trader has to insert stop loss and profit targets in intraday trading.

The traders need to be quick on moves and they should not flow with a moment and has to stick to intraday trading rules.

Disciplines to follow in intraday trading

Need to have a consistent plan: Do not think that a day trading is easy, and you can earn a profit. You need to have a master plan to book profit and cut losses.

Strict stop loss has to follow: It is important that you make a habit to use a stop loss.

Entry and exit strategies: Being a trader you may wish to buy a particular stock, but one has to rely on strategies to earn a profit.

Choose liquid stock: Such stocks have a tendency of high volumes and therefore you can sell and purchase more without impacting price. This helps to grab potential gain that may arise from price movements.

Well, these are just a few things for anyone related to intraday trading. To know more and earn a profit, it is a good idea to be in touch with online traders like Aryatrading. Get in touch with them through online media to know more about other trading options to generate an extra income.